Banana OG Dank vape


Banana OG vape is named after the strain of marijuana from the planet Ogoni 8, which is a tropical planet in Far Rockaway, NY where this type of marijuana grows.

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Before you Buy Banana-OG Dank-vape online, you should know that it is made from the Banana OG strain. The Banana OG strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that was developed from the legendary strain Gorilla Glue #4. The bud tastes fruity and sweet, with just enough of an earthy undertone to give it some real depth. You’ll feel an immediate head rush hit your brain shortly after the first inhale, which makes for a cerebral high that’s great for day or night use. This strain has a long-lasting effect and can make you feel relaxed when needed or giddy for adventure when you want something to help lift your mood.

Our Banana OG full gram dank vape cartridges are premium flavored cannabis oil, expertly blended with organic terpenes from the most consistent and potent flowers. This full gram dank vape cartridge has all the delicious flavor you love so much with a higher potency.

Banana OG dank vape has a tropical fruit and earthy flavors. It has an average THC content of 22%. Banana OG delivers an energetic and uplifting high that patients find subjective to insomnia, pain, nausea and appetite loss.


This Banana OG vape gives you a cloudy and fruity high. This strain is a great mix of both indicas and sativas, giving you a more creative high that can aid in productivity. One of the benefits of Banana OG is that it helps with inflammation, so you could use this strain if you have sore muscles or joints. This strain will keep your mind busy, as it keeps you mentally active. It also keeps anxiety at bay so that you can focus on your task at hand without worrying or stressing out.


Banana OG dank vape has a clean, sweet and strong banana flavor that packs an exotic punch. This is an Original Sensi Seeds strain, originally bred in Amsterdam. Enjoy this fruity flavor with every vape of Banana OG vape juice! You can also buy ATF dank vape online at Archie 420 dispensary.


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