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Buy blue dream online | Order blue dream online


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Description of Blue dream marijuana strain

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A big-yielding and rangy Blueberry cross. Blue Dream has a wonderful Sativa-dominant effects package and retains much of the Blueberry taste from its mother.  Developed in the Northern California medical scene, it is becoming very popular in other medical states for its potency.

Lineage of Blue dream weed

DJ Short’s Blueberry F5 x Santa Cruz Haze. For related products, click here

Story of Blue dream weed

Though the creator remains a mystery, this strain came out of the Santa Cruz area medical scene in Northern California. It has since blown up in every medical marijuana marketplaces, becoming one of the most popular strains available.  The strain was recently recreated by DJ Short himself as “Azure Haze”, using Silver Haze mother and a Blueberry F4. One generation was closer to the mother plant than the F5 used in the original cross.
Blue Dream is a sweet tasting and smelling strain that is reminiscent to fresh blueberriesRead more

Aroma of Blue dream weed 

Sweet and floral berry, often with a hint of citrus-sandalwood sharpness from the Haze.

Flavor of Blue dream weed | Buy weed in UK

Much like the smell, it’s floral berry with some almost ‘purple’ notes at times (grape, flowers). Some expressions are heavy on the floral, almost hitting a lavender note at times.

Qualities of Blue dream Marijuana strain | Legal Dispensary

Very uplifting and cerebral, it takes mostly after its Haze father — but in the background exists a strong sense of body relaxation and quality pain relief.  Energetic and aware to start, its potency may still catch some users by surprise — there are some rushy tendencies early on.  The strain evokes lots of creative energy despite occasional bouts of scatter-brained distraction, and at times the user will find themselves in a state of near-euphoria.  Solid body relief seems to increase as it goes along, building until it becomes more of an Indica feeling to finish; warm and relaxed, with the patient completely at-ease.  We recommend this strain as a daytime or early evening choice, a great way to take the edge off of the day and relax the mind and body for a restful night of sleep as the effects decline.


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