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The effects of this strain can be very potent, often taking hold immediately after smoking. Bruce Banner is the perfect strain to treat children suffering from ADHD, anxiety, depression, stress and excitability.

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If you are looking for the best online dispensary to Buy Bruce Banner online then Archie 420 dispensary got you covered. The genetics of Bruce Banner strain are: A-C.Indica x [Sungrown Thai x South African Sativa] x Champion Biker Kush. This strain is also known as Banner or OG Banner. Bruce Banner Strain is a 70% sativa hybrid that’s a cross of Bruce Banner #3 and the Tahoe OG Kush.  The Bruce Banner strain originated from an experiment by an avid grower. He crossed his Flower Power mother with the famous Blonde Widow father and the results were astounding!

Bruce Banner is a Sativa dominant strain that has been engineered specifically for the novice grower. It’s relatively easy to germinate and grow, but still produces healthy plants and large yields that rival top shelf strains.

Appearance, Flavor and Aroma of Bruce Banner Strain

Bruce Banner has dense frosted buds that are dark purple with hints of green and orange. The color of the leaves will vary based on how much light the plant receives while growing. The Bruce Banner strain’s flowers exude a delicious sweet citrus-floral aroma with hints of pine. It smells like freshly-steeped green tea sweetened with honey. Beneath that lies the brassy, diesel funk of the diesel parent and subtle fruit notes of Strawberry Kush.

Effects and medical benefits of Bruce Banner strain

The Bruce Banner Strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that provides users with an uplifting and energetic buzz. The cerebral effects of this strain can leave you feeling creative and relaxed, with a sense of euphoria.

Bruce Banner strain’s has therapeutic benefits. It is well known for its ability to aid with stress and depression. Many patients use Bruce Banner to treat conditions like anxiety disorders. The Bruce Banner Strain also has some benefits for users suffering from disorders related to appetite loss such as metabolic disorders or anorexia nervosa. Before you Buy Bruce Banner strain online, it is always necessary to ask questions if you have any doubts. The medical benefits of marijuana is numerous and we can always recommend the best strain for your medical condition. You can also checkout other strains like purple haze or Kosher kush.

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