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If you’re looking for the perfect strain to get your day started, look no further than Golden Jamaican Kush. This popular sativa-leaning hybrid is known for its supremely tropical and citrusy notes of pineapple, mango, and orange. So if you’re feeling like life could be more like a beach vacation with each toke, then this is the strain that will help you achieve your dream.

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Buy Golden Jamaican Kush online. Golden Jamaican Kush is also referred to as Golden Jamaican. It is a popular strain that is known for its supremely tropical and citrusy notes of pineapple, mango, and orange. Golden Jamaican strain tends to lean toward the sativa side of the spectrum. It is also quite heavy in its effects and has been known to cause a strong case of couch lock.

Golden Jamaican Kush shares many common traits with its sister strains, namely Golden Goat (or Goat’s Breath) and Strawberry Banana. This includes its fruity flavor profile and potent cerebral high that will leave you feeling euphoric for hours after smoking or vaping this strain at home or on your next vacation spot!


Golden Jamaican Kush buds are typically dense and light green in color. They are covered in a thick coating of amber trichomes, which look golden when the buds are exposed to light. The aroma of the buds is reminiscent of tropical fruit, with pronounced notes of grapefruit and other citrus fruits.

The taste of Golden Jamaican Kush is also quite unique compared to other strains of cannabis. This strain has an earthy flavor that is not unlike a classic cigar or pipe tobacco blend. However, it can be harsh on the throat if you inhale too deeply or quickly. If you have experience smoking tobacco products like cigars or cigarettes this strain may be less harsh than others since you’re used to breathing smoke into your lungs on purpose!

The high from this bud will hit hard after just one hit. Therefore, make sure you start out slow until you know what kind of high level works for your body type!

Effects and Medical Benefits of Golden Jamaican Kush

Like most strains, Golden Jamaican Kush induces a number of different effects on users. Because it tends to be more sativa-leaning than indica-leaning (although the ratio isn’t exactly clear), it’s usually uplifting throughout the body. It starts with a light head high and works its way down throughout the body, causing a feeling of relaxation that eventually turns into couch lock. You can also Buy Gelato Strain Online at Archie 420  Dispensary.

Because of its strong effect on your mind and body, this strain is best for use at night when you can sit back and enjoy all that Golden Jamaican Kush has to offer. If you’re looking for some daytime relief from stress or anxiety, this might not be the best strain for that purpose—but if you want something that will help take your mind off your troubles when things get stressful later in the day or evening, then Golden Jamaican Kush may be perfect!



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