Buy Gorilla glue#3 online in USA


Buy Gorilla glue#3 online in USA

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Buy Gorilla glue#3 online

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Buy Gorilla glue#3 online in USA

Buy Gorilla glue#3 online in USA from your favorite dispensary.

Gorilla Glue, the strain who keeps the West Coast raving and rolling! If you’re still wondering why Gorilla Glue is one of the most-talked about strains these days, how about 24-26% of THC with some of her phenos measuring an incredible 30%? Saying that the Gorilla is “potent” would possibly be the understatement of the century!

But Gorilla Glue is much more than “just” an ultra-powerful Indica. She shines with an insane amount of aromatic trichomes. This gives her an excellent flavor that blends earthy and sweet notes with lemon and pine tones as well as her trademark massive resin production that makes her buds and the entire plant super-sticky like glue so you better be careful at harvest time 🙂

Gorilla Glue’s effect, while extremely powerful isn’t just one-sided. She makes for very deep relaxation when you smoke her but she also adds just the right amount of uplifting euphoria which makes smoking her so different and a great experience! Because of her power, she can also be a good choice for medicinal users who find that strains high in THC can bring them relief. She can help with all kinds of conditions, from chronic pains to insomnia to depression and much more.

Her crazy potency and her spectacular aroma and effect should explain why Gorilla Glue is one of these “must have” strains for every serious grower. Enjoy her and you will understand that the hype is indeed real and well justified!Read more

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