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Buy Happy Stick’s vape online | Buy vape pens online

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Happy Stick’s Jack Herer

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About Jack Herer

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Jack Herer stems from the lineage of Northern Lights mixed with the offspring of Shiva Skunk and Haze. It’s a world renowned Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain. It is known mostly for its ability to create a clear-headed buzz coupled with a boost of focused energy. Jack Herer has quickly became one of my go-to strains to bring an instant smile to my face. It also relieve any stress I can feel building up inside of me.

History of Happy Stick’s Jack Herer | Buy Happy Stick’s vape | Buy vape pens online in USA

Jack Herer is a very popular day-time strain promoted by Jack Herer himself. He was a legendary, life-long activist and author of ‘The Hemperor Wears No Clothes. Now, the book is available to download for free for everyone to read and enjoy via the internet.

In 2010, after years of battling heart troubles, Jack Herer passed away. His spirit lives on however, as one of the prominent strains in the world today was named in his honor. Buy Happy Stick’s vape | Buy vape pens online in USA

Throughout his lifetime, Jack fought for decriminalization of the cannabis plant. This is because it has been shown to be a renewable source of fuel, food, and medicine that can be grown in virtually any part of the world. He ran for President of the United States of America twice, under the nomination of the Grassroots Party.

Effects of Happy Stick’s Jack Herer

Jack Herer contains a stench that truly makes it a spicy sativa. Give the buds a little squeeze and pull and Jack will surely release a tropical frost smell so strong it will have you wanting to give it a few good sniffs. Its ability to cool your throat with its cold and icy vapor makes me wish this batch of Jack Herer was lab-tested for terpenoids. Buy Happy Stick’s vape | Buy vape pens online in USA

By knowing what terpenes Jack Herer has high levels of, one can determine which terpenoid is responsible for the chilling effect so attractive to those suffering from asthma or other lung-related illnesses. After all, the smoke seems to coats your throat with a protective shield (from the heat) and leaves an amazing after-taste of sweet grapefruit that seems to linger for minutes.

As with most clear (as opposed to heavy) Sativa strains, patients can expect an upbeat, energetic high that is predominately a head buzz. Used by patients to treat and help cope with anxiety, nausea, depression, migraines, headaches, stress, and more.


I have found Jack Herer to have absolutely no ‘come-down’ or crash, even after 2-3 hours when I would typically get spacey and start yawning. This, and the fact that Jack Herer tastes so good, makes it an awesome Sativa to start the day in a good mood. It really is no wonder why Jack Herer is a patient favorite; just one puff and you’re sold.Read more

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