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Hawaii Skunk, a hybrid of cannabis sativa, is a 100 percent organic strain cultivated using biodynamic practices. The seeds were harvested in Hawaii, America’s 50th state and home to the first commercial medical marijuana dispensary on Maui.

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Buy Hawaii Skunk online. This strain is a combination of 100% Hawaiian sativa. It has very high THC levels of up to 18%. Hawaii Skunk was developed in the 1990’s by crossing Lemon Skunk with Super Silver Haze and adding Hawaiian bloods. It grows into a tall plant, with typical Sativa characteristics like strong stems and branches, large leaves and yields up to 500g/m² in an indoor setting.


Hawaii Skunk is an energetic strain with a long-lasting buzz. Looking for a sweet and citrusy taste? This hybrid’s got it. A diesel-like smell with undertones of sweet flowers and fresh fruit, this potent strain delivers an uplifting high that can last for hours


The history of Hawaii Skunk is as mysterious as the land itself, shrouded in legend and folklore. The original line of Hawaii Skunk, Hawaiian Sativa was first introduced to the world by Maui Buds in the early 2000’s. This strain is determined to be a sativa dominant hybrid that produces an intense, euphoric cerebral experience.


The effects of Hawaii Skunk are very similar to those of the typical skunk cannabis strain. It will also induce a bright, euphoric high that users often describe as a “happy high” . It is not a strain that induces anxiety but rather one which brings about a sense of happiness and relaxation. For those who are unfamiliar with other types of cannabis strains, this is often their first experience with marijuana, leading many people to build a strong interest in consuming it later on in life.

Medical Benefits of  Hawaii Skunk

The HAWAII SKUNK strain is the best medicine for a multitude of ailments. It’s used to relieve pain and help with sleeping, but also as an appetite stimulant or mood enhancer. This strain is powerful enough to knock you out, but provides relief without heavy sedation. You can also Buy Bubba kush online at Archie 420 Dispensary.

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