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Our ice cream cake marijuana is made from extremely quality ingredients. It is completely natural, with no artificial additives. We only use the finest quality ice cream base and mix it with our secret formula of herbs, which creates a unique and delicious taste. We also add some cannabis extract to make you feel relaxed.

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Buy ice-scream-cake strain online

We do understand the importance to Buy ice-scream-cake strain online and other strains. That is why we strive everyday to bring them closer to you. If you’re a devoted ice cream lover and a marijuana enthusiast, then Cannarado Genetics’ Ice-Cream-Cake strain is the perfect combination of your two favorite things. This indica-dominant hybrid is known for its sweet, fruity flavors. That can take on notes of vanilla, citrus, and earthy pungency. It’s also one of the few strains that hits both the body and mind equally hard. It is perfect for those looking to unwind after work or just relax on the couch with their favorite movie.


Flavor is subjective, but flavor can be broken down into similar categories. Ice Cream Cake has a taste that’s fruity, citrusy, sweet and earthy. The taste will vary depending on the environment in which it was grown. For example:

  • Fruity flavors come from the terpenes in plants (such as limonene). The type of fruit or vegetable that each strain is most associated with depends on its aromas during flowering phase (i.e., strawberry smells like strawberries).
  • Citrus flavors come from cannabidiols (CBDs), which are non-intoxicating cannabinoid compounds found naturally in cannabis plants who’s effects include reducing anxiety & depression as well as relieving pain without causing a high like THC does when consumed in large amounts (>10mg).
  • Vanilla flavored buds are often caused by high levels of myrcene terpene molecules that have been soaked up by the buds during their growth period causing this characteristic scent and taste profile when burned or smoked after drying out properly before consumption.”

Strain information

The lineage of this strain is unknown, but it is believed to be a cross between Blueberry and White Widow. When smoked or vaporized, the strain delivers a mellow high with light euphoria that makes it ideal for social gatherings. It produces uplifting effects that can enhance moods and increase energy levels without making users feel anxious or paranoid. There are almost no cerebral effects associated with this strain. It is best for daytime use when you need to stay alert at work or school.

The terpenes in Ice Cream are limonene (60%), myrcene (18%), pinene (6%) and linalool (4%). The total amount of THC in an eighth yield ranges from 14-18%, which makes it stronger than most sativas but still too low for many medical patients’ needs. For example, people who have severe headaches should find more relief from strains like Sour Diesel which has over 25% THC content.


This is a great strain for anyone who is looking to relax and unwind. It has very relaxing effects that will leave you feeling calm and happy. We would recommend this strain for evening use, as it can also help with sleep if you have trouble falling asleep at night. You can also Buy Acai-Berry Gelato online at Archie 420 dispensary.

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