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Northern Lights is a hybrid strain that offers a classic indica buzz. It’s high THC levels help control muscle spasms and pain, as well as giving users an intense euphoric feeling of relaxation. If you’re looking to get lifted and sleep like a baby, give this strain a shot.

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Buy Northern lights strain online. The Northern Lights strain originated in Holland and famously gained fame as the first strain to win the Cannabis Cup in 1995. La Northern Lights is a complex hybrid strain that leans towards Indica due to its short stature and indica growth pattern. Northern Lights is a legendary strain, known for its intensely potent high and long-lasting effects. To many growers and smokers, Northern Lights is the standard by which other strains are compared against. But it isn’t often that you actually see true Northern Lights strains on the market. Northern Lights strain tests at 19% THC.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavor of Northern Light Strain

Nothern Lights strain flowers are small, aromatic and bright green with orange pistils. They are covered in a fine layer of short trichomes. Which makes them sticky to the touch. The flavor of Northern Lights strain is sweet, earthy and fruity. The smell is also sweet with spicy undertones.

Effects and Medical Benefits of  Northern Light strain

The Northern Lights strain provides a euphoric and relaxing high, helping to combat physical and psychological stress. Northern Lights won’t give you energy or promote wakefulness, but rather will help you relax as it loosens any mental or physical tension.

Northern Light is a classic strain for both medical and recreational users. The high THC content of this strain makes it possible to treat many types of anxiety, glaucoma, pain and other physical conditions. A favorite among recreational users, Northern Lights also produces an energetic high that’s commonly accompanied by feelings of euphoria and happiness.


Northern Light is a relatively easy strain to grow. But it will take some time (about 9 weeks) before you’ll have fully ripe buds. Northern Lights are known for their long-lasting high and famous up-high. They’re also great for relieving stress and body pain, without causing mind-boggling paranoia or anxiety. This marijuana strain would also be good for treating depression and insomnia, since it can be used on an off-and-on basis — just don’t overdo it. After you Buy Norther Lights strain online from Archie 420 Dispensary, you can also check out other cannabis strains on our website. Such as; Acapulco gold, Trainwreck and other Amazing Indica and Sativa strains.


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