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Runtz OG strain relieves pain, muscle spasms, and anxiety while easing patients into a dreamy state; it’s one of those strains you may want to smoke at night before bedtime.

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Buy Runtz OG strain online

Buy Runtz OG strain online. The Runtz OG strain is a new hybrid that combines the best qualities of its parent strains, White Runtz and Blue Dream. The name of this strain comes from its parent strains, which are both named after their respective parents.

Here are some fun facts about the Runtz OG strain:

  • It was first introduced to us in 2016 by Cali Connection Seeds as part of their Legends Seeds Collection lineup.
  • This particular cross was originally bred by California-based cannabis breeder Cali Connection Seeds co-founder David Bares. He was also known for creating other popular marijuana varieties such as Zkittlez (aka Zkittlez OG).
  • As mentioned before, there were two main breeds used when creating this new hybrid—although there have been other crosses made using other plants including Shiva Skunk x Blueberry x OG Kush hybrid called Bullrider’s Choice that was created back in 2017 but apparently never made it out onto the market because they didn’t want anyone else getting hold onto their creation before they could sell it themselvee.

Appearance of Runtz OG

The appearance of this Runtz OG is very different than White Runtz. It is actually known for its purple color, but only after it has reached full maturity. Another thing that sets it apart is its light green undertones and pistils throughout the flower.

The nugs are fairly dense and have a spongy feel when squeezed in your hand. The leaves are pretty short so they don’t take up much space on the plant, which makes them ideal for smaller grows or those with limited space available to grow outdoors.

Taste and Aroma of Runtz OG strain

The taste is mostly sweet with tones of grape and berry throughout your smoke session. It also gives off an earthy aroma that reminds you of other popular strains like Gelato or Zkittlez if you’ve ever had them before.

What are the effects and Medical benefits of Runtz OG strain

The Runtz OG strain is known to be great for boosting energy levels and elevating your mood. It is commonly used to treat multiple sclerosis because of its ability to lower swelling. It is also use to relieve pain, and decrease muscle spasms. This particular strain will show a sedative effect on consumers who are already relaxed and ready for bed. But it can also provide a calmness that some patients need during the day. In addition, the Runtz OG strain is beneficial for those suffering from depression or anxiety due to its natural mood enhancing abilities. You can also Buy Gorilla Glue #4 online at Archie 420 Dispensary.

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