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This sherbtane strain is a versatile strain that is great for outdoor and indoor growing. This strain has high THC levels that deliver a very relaxing, euphoric high. The flavor of this strain is more earthy than citrus, but the smell is unmistakably citrus. This strain may be the perfect blend of uplifting effects combined with the ability to mellow out and relax.

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Buy Sherbtane strain online

If you have been looking for where to Buy Sherbtane strain online or learn more about the strain, you are at the right place. If you love sherbert, you’re going to love Sherbtane: the strain that’s been making waves in the cannabis community. But what is it? And why are people so excited about it? That’s what we’re here to find out!

The Sherbtane strain is a hybrid strain that is the offspring of two other well-known strains, Sherbert and Strawberry Diesel. It’s an indica dominant strain with a THC level of between 12% and 24%.

Unique qualities about Sherbtane strain

The smell is strong, sour and fruity. The taste is pungent, sweet and earthy with notes of fruit and berries. The high from this particular strain will hit you fast—it’s powerful! You’ll feel relaxed but not sleepy thanks to its indica dominance, though some users report feeling more energetic than usual while on this stuff (which could be due to its sativa heritage).

The high is very euphoric and relaxing. Its effects are felt in the head and body, leaving you feeling uplifted without causing any paranoia or anxiety. The best way to describe the effect of this strain is “happy”—it’s an excellent choice for users who want a good mood boost.


All in all, Sherbtane is a quality strain. It’s not the only strain out there that has the potential to be both dank and delicious, but it does offer a great combination of effects for those who want to get stoned on something sweet. The taste and smell are both very citrus-like with hints of pineapple flavor; this is a testament to how well the Sour Diesel crosses with OG Kush. You’ll notice that these two strains have similar terpene profiles as well (though not necessarily identical), which means they complement each other nicely when grown in tandem during flowering time. You can also Buy Dosi-Fuel strain online online at Archie 420 Dispensary.

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