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Tahoe OG Kush’s Notable accolades include first place at the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup, taking home the Indica Cup. Tahoe OG Kush is best used as a nighttime medication due to its heavy sedative effects and ability to produce strong analgesia. This strain provides relief from chronic pain, sleeplessness, stress and anxiety.

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Buy Tahoe OG Kush online

Buy Tahoe OG Kush online. Tahoe OG Kush, also known as Tahoe OG or Tahoe OG Kush, is a cannabis strain with indica genes from OG Kush and sativa genetics from Tahoe. It is cultivated to be generally high in THCV. It therefore makes it an uncommon cannabinoid located in the same class as CBD. This unique strain balances a 30/70 ratio of THC to CBD. Tahoe OG Kush is famous for being extremely potent, with THC levels around 22%.

Flavor/Appearance/Aroma of Tahoe OG

This strain has an earthy, sweet flavor with undertones of lemon, pine and grapefruit. The flowers are light green and a bit rustly with orange hairs. It’s a medium-sized plant with soft, medium to large sized bright green leaves that have long fan leaves.

Effects of Tahoe OG Kush

Effects og Tahoe OG may vary based on the consumer’s preferred method of consumption, the setting in which they are consumed, and each individual’s metabolism. Its effects are strongly cerebral with minimal body effects, giving users a feeling of euphoria and well-being.  Tahoe OG Kush provides users with both mental and physical effects. It begins with a cerebral high before settling into a complete body sensation. This strain has also been reviewed as a strong couch-locker.

What are the Medical Benefits of Tahoe OG Kush?

Tahoe OG Kush is extremely potent and is used for the treatment of severe muscle spasms. It induces a deeply relaxed state believed to help patients manage their pain without causing the cognitive impairment associated with other strong strains.


Strong, relaxing and euphoric. Tahoe OG Kush is well-known for its ability to relieve physical pain, though it also calms the mind and uplifts the spirit. Its THC content averages between 20 percent and 25 percent. This strain has an earthy flavor with hints of pine and lemon when smoked or vaporized. It produces a happy effect that’s calming, relaxing and will put you in a great mood. You can also Buy Granddaddy OG online in USA.

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