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Wedding Cake’s trippy stone will delight you with a sweet little jolt and bring on smiles that last all day long. This strain was named after its killer high, which is often described as being like a sugar rush — not to mention the delicious taste. The best way to consume Wedding Cake is by vaporizing or smoking it, though eating an entire batch of wedding cake may not be a good idea.

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Buy Wedding cake strain online

Buy Wedding cake strain online. Wedding Cake (also commonly known as Wedding Kush) is a hybrid marijuana strain bred by California breeders Green Rush Gardens. This strain was created by crossing the genetics of Triangle Kush and Animal Mint. This strain is a slightly Indica-dominant strain with a ratio of 60/40. This strain’s genetically diverse lineage produces a THC level of up to 18%, making it a very potent choice indeed.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavor of Wedding cake strain

Wedding cake strain is a hybrid that grows to be medium in height. It has a large main cola and smaller buds growing below it, making for an attractive structure. Wedding cake strain is known for its thick layer of trichomes, which makes it very sticky when broken up or handled. Its aroma has been described as smelling like a freshly baked cake with notes of chocolate and strawberry.

The flavor of Wedding cake strain is not too far from the real thing. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying wedding cake, then you know that it is a combination of different flavors at the same time. It’s very sweet, but if you chew on a slice long enough, you’ll notice that it also has some wheat notes and a nice, earthy flavor to it as well.

Effects and Medical Benefit of Wedding cake Bud

Wedding cake is a strain that is known for its plethora of effects. Wedding cake offers a unique and uplifting high that makes it the perfect strain for social gatherings. Its cerebral effects cause an increase in focus, creativity and sociability. When consumed during the daytime Wedding Cake can help alleviate symptoms caused by anxiety, depression or fatigue making it a well-rounded medication for many medical applications. Wedding cake strain has proven to be helpful in treating medical ailments including chronic pain, loss of appetite, nausea and insomnia. You can also Buy purple punch strain online at Archie 420 Dispensary.


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