Buy white Russian weed online | White russian weed strain


Buy white Russian weed online | White russian weed strain


Buy 1Lbs white Russian online in USA|1Lbs white Russian in USA

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About this Hybrid Strain

Its THC level averages between 16-17% and has tested as high as 22%. Many describe its high as long lasting with a balance of both cerebral and physical effects. It leaves the mind clear to focus and concentrate on tasks. It also produces a lovely body high that relaxes the muscles while increasing energy. Many have reviewed this strain as increasing creativity.

When you open up a bag of White Russian, you’ll experience a scent that’s sweet and creamy with earthy and sometimes citrus-like undertones. Its appearance is oftentimes a bit airy and light, but don’t let that fool you. Its high is often claimed to be quick and intense.

Sometimes White Russian can create dry mouth or eyes, so keep this in mind when smoking it and have some water or eye drops handy.

When growing White Russian, cultivators of all experiences are welcome to try. It can easily be grown indoors or out, but hydroponics will cause this strain to produces its highest levels of THC content.Read more


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