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White Widow is the ultimate Indica-dominant strain. It is a heavy yielder that has strong resistance to fungus. The plants are usually quite bushy and are perfect for indoor growing. White Widow can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but she needs plenty of fresh air and space to grow. She buds fast and produces some beautiful dense nugs with a really sweet smooth taste that stays on your lips long after smoking it.

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Buy White Widow strain online

Buy White Widow strain online. White widow marijuana strain is a hybrid strain that has gained popularity around the world, particularly in Europe. With origins in South Africa, white widow cannabis is considered one of the most potent strains that you can find on the market today. It’s said to be so strong that its effects are similar to those of cocaine and ecstasy.

White widow seeds have been around for many years now but only started gaining worldwide attention during the early 2000s when growers began cultivating them indoors for their high yields and short flowering times (between 6-8 weeks). This enabled people to cultivate multiple crops each year with little effort or cost involved.


White Widow is a soft, sweet-tasting smoke that’s refreshing and delicious. It produces an uplifting buzz with long-lasting euphoria.


White Widow strain is a powerful marijuana plant with long, strong branches producing large amounts of fragrant buds. The buds are light green with red hairs, and covered in white trichomes that give them their namesake. Flowering time will vary depending on the conditions in which this strain is grown, but it is usually ready from 8-9 weeks after germination.

Medical Benefits of White Widow cannabis

White Widow marijuana is a hybrid strain that has been known to help with pain and sleep disorders, as well as combat symptoms of depression. It is also a common remedy for nausea and appetite loss. The effects are very strong. This strain produces a slow-paced, euphoric high that may have hints of sedation in higher doses.


The White Widow is a very easy-to-grow indica dominant hybrid strain and at one time. It was the most popular commercial seed line in the world. It’s also a genetically stabilized cross with a strong South American and Brazilian heritage. This plant produces large buds that are dense, sticky, and extremely resinous. The large colas are tapered with long amber hairs, giving the buds an eye catching look. The leaves are long and dark green with tinges of orange near the tips. As a predominantly Indica strain, White Widow also provides an almost instant body high that can last for hours. It is also incredibly relaxing. You can also Buy red dragon strain online.


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