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This indica-dominant hybrid is the perfect strain for evening use. Its effects are calming, all-around happiness with a calm and relaxed body sensation, without any anxiety or paranoia.

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Buy Gelonade strain online

Buy Gelonade strain online. Gelonade is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that’s just as versatile as it is impressive. The strain’s genetic lineage is a collective of “Gelato” and “OG18,” both of which are considered to be classic and highly sought-after cannabis strains in their own right. This strain comes from one of the best farms in California, and has been bred to be among the most reliable elite genetics available today. If you want a strain that commands attention from miles away and can completely overwhelm an entire beach, then this may be your perfect choice.


The nugs are dense and sticky, with reddish-purple hues covered in trichomes. It looks as if someone has crumbled up pieces of Jolly Rancher candy over the flower.


Gelonade strain smells like an icy burst of lime or tangerine when it’s smoked or vaped. The flavor is similar to its aroma, too — reminiscent of candy and berries.

Grow Info

The flowering time takes 10-11 weeks, with good yields. When growing it, pay attention to the lighting conditions and the size of the plant. You need to increase light intensity when the plant finishes flowering phase and before bud production begins. As far as the size of the plant is concerned, unless you want extremely large buds that are not suitable for small indoor spaces, avoid reaching more than 2 meters in height (as a minimum).

Medical Benefits of Gelonade Cannabis Strain

This bud has a very relaxing and mildly euphoric effect, making it ideal for medical patients looking to treat anxiety, stress, or symptoms of depression. Gelonade’s high THC content provides a good amount of pain relief, making it good for reducing migraines or headaches associated with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis. It may also help promote sleep in people suffering from insomnia. You can also Buy Mango Kush online.


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