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Acapulco Gold Weed can be used to alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. It has been used as a treatment for seizures, muscle spasms, tremors and other medical conditions in chronic pain patients. The THC content is higher than most strains at 24%, and this is great for pain relief without causing much sedation.

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Buy Acapulco gold Strain online

Buy Acapulco gold online. Acapulco Gold is a potent strain that has been said to have originated from the Pacific coastal region of southern Mexico. It takes its name from the city of Acapulco, where it was reportedly first cultivated. Adopting Colombian sativa genetics, along with some Mexican influence, Acapulco Gold is also a hybrid strain that can be bred in both indoor and outdoor settings. This is one of the oldest Sativa Cannabis strain which can be traced back to the 1960’s. Acapulco Gold is sometimes also referred to as the “Veteran strain”. Before you Buy Acapulco gold strain online, you should know that its THC level is up to 24%. This makes it a good strain for experience stunners and not beginners.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavor of Acapulco Gold

This strain has a fluffy, dusty-tan colored bud with a hint of purple. Its leaves turn green as the plant matures. Acapulco Gold is also known for its large calyxes, which make it a great strain to grow by those who love to trim their buds. Acapulco gold is a strain with a very strong pineapple flavor, reminiscent of the pleasant and refreshing fruit. The aroma of the flower will lead you down memory lane, with a sweet and sour smell.

Effects and Medical Benefits of Acapulco gold strain

The Acapulco Gold strain has profound effects on the body. Most users report effects that help ease nausea and stress. Acapulco gold has a relaxing effect, making it ideal for those who suffer with muscle spasms, pain and inflammation of muscles. Acapulco gold can also help reduce stress and anxiety. Its potency makes it ideal as a sleep aid as well.

Acapulco Gold strain is a popular choice for those who are looking for a more mellow body high without the heavy sedative effects. Its effects are very pleasing. It also offers a boost in energy and relaxation that’ll happily leave you wanting to enjoy the outdoors. In addition,  the effects from this strain are quick-acting and stealthy as it begins working immediately upon inhaling but does not produce euphoric feelings until about 10 minutes after use.


Acapulco Gold is an example of a strain with historic value. It was one of the first to be exported from Mexico into the United States. The fact that this strain has been around for so long and still maintains its popularity today speaks volumes about how much people enjoy its effects and aromas. If you like edibles or want to try something new, then Acapulco Gold may be right up your alley. You can also Buy trainwreck strain online at Archie 420 dispensary.

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