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Master Kush has a powerful effect on the mind and a calming effect on the body. It is ideal for relaxation, unwinding, or sleeping. Master Kush can be used to reduce stress and tension, relieve pain and nausea, stimulate appetite (and reduce drug cravings), decrease muscle spasms, and more.

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Buy master kush online

Buy master kush online. Master Kush is a variety of indica cannabis that originated from India, specifically the Hindu Kush mountain range. This strain is often compared with other famous indica kushes such as OG Kush. It also offers a one-of-a-kind psychoactive experience which can be identified by its heavy THC content and couch-lock effects. Master Kush weed is one of the most powerful cannabis strains available. Thanks to her genetically deep roots. She has amazing yields and great potency. Master Kush can grow up to 4 feet tall and takes only 8 – 9 weeks to finish flowering. This strain will not disappoint those looking for a full body stone with sedative effects that won’t let you down no matter what.

Appearance of Master Kush

The appearance of Master Kush is incredibly robust, with leaves that are a dark green color and are coated with fine trichomes. The buds are large and full, but shake this plant well before harvest because it may have a tendency to mold at the end of flowering. Large fan leaves give this strain a bushy look, adding to its kushy characteristics.


This heavy hitting kush strain instantly makes its presence known with a potent, dank smell. That carries a herbal lavender scent over the smooth & spicy blend of citrus and pine. The flavor profile is also quite similar to the scent, with a taste of sweet berries over a rich earthy base that remains pleasantly on the exhale.

Effects and Medical Benefits of Master Kush Cannabis strain

Master Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that delivers a balanced state of mind and body. This strain also holds two different parent strains; classic indica OG Kush and rare landrace Hindu Kush. Master Kush emerges from the roots of its parents with deep powerful effects. The THC content is 18% to 26%. In terms of euphoria, this master flower delivers deep relaxation with euphoric dreams and also a body high that helps you feel like everything is melting away—perfect for chilling out after a stressful day.

It is a super-sedative Indica strain which has a strong body effect that alleviates body aches, pains and stress. It’s also often recommended for trouble sleeping or insomnia. You can also Buy Blue dream Strain online in USA.


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