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Kosher Kush is a heavy indica strain that produces an overwhelming sensation of calm and relaxation. This strain has gained notoriety in recent years, especially with the medical community, because it provides relief from nausea, chronic pain and stress.

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Buy Kosher Kush online

Buy Kosher Kush online. The Kosher Kush strain is a hybrid of the legendary OG #18 from the world-famous cannabis grower known as Serious Seeds, and their own Afghan Kush. Kosher Kush is an indica-dominant strain that produces a high THC level at 14% on average.

The Kosher Kush strain is an indica dominant hybrid. This popular strain can be grown indoors, outdoors, and even in a greenhouse by cultivators who have high humidity levels. It is not recommended to grow Kosher Kush as a beginner’s strain as it requires a micro-dosing method of regulating water amounts in order to grow out the most healthy plants possible.

Appearance, Flavor and Aroma of Kosher Kush strain

Kosher Kush is a beautiful example of the classic Indica. It’s short, squat and indica-dominant plant produces heavy yields of incredibly pungent, frosty and translucent flowers. Its flowers are also large and dense, with fine shades of red, orange and purple coloring. Kosher Kush has a flavor that is more fruity, earthy, and skunky. It has an aroma that has hints of citrus, pine trees and sharp diesel notes.

Effects and Medical Benefit of Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush presents a blissful, euphoric high that leaves users feeling uplifted and relaxed. Its effects are calming and sedative, with some users noting a tingling sensation throughout the body when consumed in larger doses. Kosher Kush effects are also long-lasting, creeping up on the patient gradually and leaving them in a blissful euphoric state.

The Kosher Kush stands out as one of the most relaxing strains around. Featuring an almost narcotic-feeling high that induces a state of deep introspection. This makes it a great strain for treating insomnia and other sleep disorders, as well as mental health issues like bipolar disorder and depression. It has also been shown to be good at treating neuropathic pain — something that can be caused by multiple sclerosis or diabetes, among other conditions. You can also buy Sunset Sherbet strain online.


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