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Moon rock is one of the most sought after strains, and its reputation is well-deserved. This particular type of cannabis has an incredibly high THC level. It’s common to find test results in excess of up to 50%. If you’re looking for a powerful strain with strong effects, this is one to consider!

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Buy Moon rocks online

If you have been looking for where to buy moon rocks online without visiting a dispensary, then you are at the right place. Ordering moon rock online has now been made easy. If you are a regular customer at Archie 420 Dispensary offline store then we have decided to make it easy for you. Before you order moon rock strain online, you should know that this is not any regular strain and not a strain for beginners. It is good to read more about moon rocks before you go ahead to place your order.

When you can literally feel the high in your face and throughout your body, you know you’ve found something special. Ever smoked moon rocks?

When you smoke moon rocks, be prepared to experience a feeling of euphoria that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Not only are these high-quality collectibles gorgeous to look at, but they also provide the best vaping experience.

What are Moon rocks?

Moon Rocks are marijuana-infused edible products. Moon rocks are made using hash oil and kief that gets mixed with weed, which can include dried flower or concentrates of your choice.

What are Moon rocks strain made of?

Moon Rocks are made by placing three key ingredients together:

  1.  An extract derived from marijuana
  2. A substance called gelatin
  3. Kief or hashish.

How Potent are Moon rocks?

Moon rocks aren’t just something to smoke through a pipe—they’re a THC experience that you don’t wanna miss. The potency varies from batch to batch, but it’s typically around 50% THC. They come in various forms (usually the size of a quarter), but our moon rocks are packed with pure THC oil, combined with herbs or other materials that are used for flavor and effect. Smoking them could leave you in a couch-locked haze for days, but the high is well worth it!

Pros and Cons of Moon Rock strain


Moon rocks are a potent way to get high. They stayed popular even in the ’90s.


Moon rocks have a strong smell, and are costly because of its high quality. If you do decide to smoke moon rocks, make sure you take precautions to avoid getting to high. This is because it can get couch lock all day and you might miss out on Important schedules.

How to make moon rocks at home

Moon Rocks have been known to be made with Girls Scout cookies strain over the years but It can also be made with an other cannabis strain. If you have a special request on what you want your moon rock to be made with at Archie 420 dispensary, Just let us know.

Moon rocks are easy to make, and they’re awesome to smoke. All you need is a few buds of your favorite cannabis strain, some concentrate or hash oil, and some kief from your grinder’s bottom. First Step: Grab a nug or two of your favorite flower.

Step 2: Grab liquid concentrate that’s preferably a little bit runny (aka not hard).

Step 3: Roll the flower in kief until it’s completely covered. Let them dry out for a while, and then light up!

Most people Buy moon rocks online from Archie 420 dispensary because we produce just what you need and we also get supplies from top manufactures such as ‘Korupt Moon Rock’ and others.

How to smoke Moon rocks?

Moon rocks are a type of cannabis strains laced with kief and gelatin. Moon rocks are made by taking a small amount of marijuana or hash, mixing it with other substances, then wrapping the mixture in tobacco or rolling paper. They’re then smoked as normal or broken apart and sprinkled onto joints, bongs and blunts. Moon rocks can be smoked through pipes and vaporizers as well.

How to grind or crumble the Moon rocks?

Grinding your Moonrock will intensify the effects, resulting in a more intense trip. To grind or crumble Moonrocks, you can use a grinder or a mortar and pestle. If using a grinder, we recommend grinding for no more than 5 seconds at a time to avoid overheating the product.

What are the medical benefits of smoking moon rocks?

Moon rocks are a somewhat rare and top-shelf form of cannabis that’s made using hash oil and a blend of other flowers. It offers medical benefits similar to regular cannabis, but they tend to be more potent. In addition, the mix of different potencies and effects make choosing moon rocks both an exciting and delicious experience.

Where to Buy moon rocks online?

The best place to Buy moon rocks online is at Archie 420 Dispensary. We ensure you get nothing but the best quality of moon rocks. You can also give request on what you want your moon rocks to be made with. We are here to guide you on the best possible way to consume moon rocks and how to Identify good quality. Whatever thing you need to know about moon rocks, Archie 420 dispensary will provide that Information. Order Moon rocks online today and also checkout other cannabis strains on our website such as Northern lights strain, Acapulco gold, Trainwreck, Sunrocks strain, etc.


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