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Sunrocks is a powerful strain with high THC levels, that has increased production of dopamine, making the user feel relaxed and euphoric. This strain can be used for pain relief, muscle tension and depression.

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Buy Sunrocks strain online

Buy Sunrocks strain online. Sunrocks are some of the most potent cannabis flowers known. They are dipped in a thick concentrated liquid which creates a sticky texture and an amber color once dried. It is often covered in hash to create a smooth burning experience with strong long-lasting stone effects.

Sunrocks offer a strong, and sometimes psychedelic experience that is best enjoyed with a high THC concentration. To enhance your smoking experience and avoid the sticky mess of your fingers, we recommend using a hemp wick instead of butane lighters.

Sunrocks vs Moonrocks

Sunrocks are cannabis flowers known for strong long-lasting stone effects. Similar to powerhouse moonrocks, sunrock potency levels are very high. The main difference between sunrocks and moonrocks is that moonrocks are dipped in cannabis oil and then covered in kief (e.g., the trichomes of the cannabis plant) in order to give a lunar appearance. Sunrocks, meanwhile, are drenched just in cannabis concentrate without the kief, giving it a sunnier appearance. Both sunrocks and moonrocks have a sticky texture, but sunrocks appear amber in color while moonrocks are a whitish-gray.

How to Prepare sunrocks at home

Sunrocks is what you need if you’re looking for a high-quality smoke that will last you at least an hour. These buds can be prepared in three easy steps: Break down the nugs into small workable pieces, mix and layer them in a bowl, but avoid using a grinder which can create a mess due to sunrocks’ texture. Even without grinding, your fingers will likely become sticky from the resinous sunrock material. When you’re ready to smoke, use a hemp wick instead of a butane lighter to enhance your flavor experience. Be prepared for heightened sensations that begin swiftly and last longer than your average smoke session.

What are the Medical Benefits of Sunrocks strain?

We are proud to offer our Sunrocks strain, which is among the highest in THC levels. This product’s high-THC content makes it a great choice for those who seek relief from pains, cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Insomnia, Anxiety and PTSD. Some sources have also predict that it can cure HIV/AIDS.

Best place to Buy Sunrocks strain online

The best place to buy sunrocks online and other cannabis strains is at Archie 420 dispensary. We have a 24 hours working customer service who is ready to guide you on your purchase. If this is your first time Buying Sunrocks online, we are here to guide you and explain all details about our services and other details about the strain. You can just email us at se*****@ar*****************.com and you will get VIP assistance. You can also Buy Moon rocks online, and check out some of our vape pens such as Honey Vape Blackberry Kush Disposable Vape Pen.


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